Population and social conditions

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Population (populat) 

   Demography (pop) 
   International Migration and Asylum (migr) 
   Population projections (proj) 
   Census (cens)

Health (health)

   Public health (hlth)
   Health and safety at work (hsw)

Education and training (edtr)

   Education (educ)
   Training (trng) 

Labour market (labour) 

   Employment and unemployment (Labour Force Survey) (employ)
   Job vacancy statistics (jvs)
   Earnings (earn) 
   Labour costs (lc)
   Labour market policy (lmp)
   Labour disputes (strk)

Living conditions and welfare (livcon)

   Consumption expenditure of private households (hbs)
   Income and living conditions (ilc)
   Social protection (spr)

Crime and criminal justice (crim)

   Crimes recorded by the police (crim_gen)
   Crimes recorded by the police: homicide in cities (crim_hom_city)
   Crimes recorded by the police: historical data (total crime) 1950-2000 (crim_hist)
   Police officers (crim_plce)
   Prison population (crim_pris)
   Prison population: historical data 1987-2000 (crim_pris_hist)

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