Industry, trade and services

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Short-term business statistics (sts) 

   Industry (NACE Rev.2) (sts_ind)
   Construction, building and civil engineering (NACE F) (sts_cons)
   Trade and services (sts_ts)

Structural business statistics (sbs)

   SBS - main indicators (sbs_na)
   SBS - industry and construction (sbs_ind_co)
   SBS - trade (sbs_dt)
   SBS - services (serv)
   SBS - regional data - all activities (sbs_r)
   Business demography statistics - all activities (bd)
   Factors of Business Success statistics - all activities (fobs)
   Statistics on foreign control of enterprises - all activities (fats)
   Inter-enterprise relations statistics - all activities (ier)
   International sourcing statistics - all activities (iss)
   Demand for services statistics - all activities (ds)

Information society statistics (isoc)

   Policy indicators (isoc_pi)
   Information society: Structural Indicators (isoc_si)
   Telecommunication services (isoc_tc)
   Computers and the Internet in households and enterprises (isoc_ci)
   E-Commerce by individuals and enterprises (isoc_ec)
   E-skills of individuals and ICT competence in enterprises (isoc_sk)
   Regional Information society statistics (isoc_reg)

Tourism (tour)

   Capacity of collective tourist accommodation : establishments, bedrooms and bedplaces (tour_cap)
   Occupancy in collective accommodation establishments : domestic and inbound tourism (tour_occ)
   Tourism demand : domestic and outbound tourism (excluding day-trips) (tour_dem)
   Tourism employment - (Source: Labour Force Survey) (tour_lfs)
   Indicators on internal tourism (tour_int)

Statistics on the production of manufactured goods (prom)

   NACE Rev. 1.1 (prodcom_n1)
   NACE Rev. 2 (prodcom_n2)
   Traditional external trade database access (ComExt) (comext)

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