Agriculture, forestry and fisheries

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Agriculture (agri)

   Economic Accounts for Agriculture (aact)
   Structure of agricultural holdings (ef)
   Agricultural prices and price indices (apri)
   Agricultural products (apro)
   Orchard survey (orch)
   Vineyard survey (vit)
   Organic farming (org)
   Regional Agriculture Statistics (agr_r)

Forestry (for)

   Removals, production and trade (for_rpt)
   Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting for Forests (for_ieeaf)
   Sustainable forest management (for_sfm) 

Fisheries (fish)

   Catches by fishing area (fish_ca)
   Aquaculture production (fish_aq)
   Total Fishery Production (Catch + Aquaculture) (fish_pr)
   Landings of fishery products (fish_ld)
   Fishing fleet (fish_fleet)

Food: From farm to fork statistics (food)

   Food consumption (food_ch)
   From production to distribution - Which quality label and at which price (food_pd)
   Inputs to the food chain (food_in)
   Actors involved in the food chain (food_act)

Agri-Environmental Indicators (aei)

   Farm Management (aei_fm)
   Agricultural Production Systems (aei_ps)

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