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Research and development (t_research)

   Research and development expenditure, by sectors of performance (tsc00001)
   Gross domestic expenditure on R&D (GERD) by source of funds (tsiir030)
   Total researchers, by sectors of performance (tsc00003)
   Total researchers (FTE), by sectors of performance (tsc00004)
   Research and development personnel, by sectors of performance (tsc00002)
   Share of women researchers, by sectors of performance (tsc00005)
   Share of women researchers (FTE): all sectors (tsc00006)
   Share of government budget appropriations or outlays on research and development (tsc00007)
   Share of GBAORD allocated to defence and total civil socio-economic objectives (tsc00008)

Community innovation survey (t_inn)

   Turnover from innovation (tsdec340)
   Effects of innovation on material and energy efficiency (tsdec350)

High-tech industry and knowledge-intensive services (t_htec)

   Venture capital investments by type of investment stage (tsiir080)
   High-tech exports (tsiir160)
   Employment in high- and medium-high-technology manufacturing sectors (tsc00011)
   Employment in knowledge-intensive service sectors (tsc00012)

Patent statistics (t_pat)

   Patent applications to the European Patent Office (EPO) (tsiir060)
   Total European patent applications (tsc00009)
   European high-technology patents (tsc00010)
   Patents granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) (tsiir070)

Human Resources in Science & Technology (t_hrst)

   Human resources in science and technology as a share of labour force - Total (tsc00025)
   Doctorate students in science and technology fields - Total (tsc00028)

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